All jewellery is made to order and size and commissions are welcome with love from my home studio in Manchester.

About the brand


I am Isabella the maker behind all things Cellarsmiths.

Cellarsmiths was born from a love for silversmithing, a passion for sustainability and namely, my cellar. Having moved home from University at a loss for what to do next, I channeled my energy into making. What started as a pass-time quickly became a hobby and eventually turned into a small business that grows more every day.

While things have changed a little, we have released new designs and even moved into a proper studio space, the love for what we do and the focus on sustainability has remained a common thread throughout the evolving brand.

It has been amazing to watch my little business grow and bring accessible, sustainable and infinitely recyclable jewellery into the everyday lives of its wearers.

Handcrafting jewellery made to order creates no waste and a chance for the silver to be reworked and recycled. Each detail is considered from design to bespoke packaging and is lovingly handcrafted to create a more personal experience.

Thank you for your support

Isabella xo